Without hazing and with little hierarchy, we are thé open association of Enschede. We believe in creating strong friendships based on shared positive experiences. 

For us, ‘open’ goes beyond not having a hazing. You see it at every drink, activity or party. Nothing is mandatory; everyone is always there because they want to be. This creates an extraordinarily positive atmosphere. Additionally, it provides a setting where everyone is approachable. Everyone is equal, and together we make it enjoyable!

You can immediately see this openness in our introduction period. Even though we don’t have a hazing, we still want you to get to know the members, so after the Kick-In, we have our own introduction program: the After Intro Program, or HAIP. During this period, you will get to know all the new and old members of AEGEE-Enschede. Even if you are still unsure about becoming a member, you can participate in the activities!