AEGEE-Enschede is the open student association of Enschede. This means that we don’t have any hazing and everyone can be who they want to be! You can make friends for life in our Yearclubs, Fraternities and Societies! You can also do extracurricular activities in one of our committees or boards. Every Tuesday and Thursday members come to our pub Asterion, at the ground floor of the Pakkerij, for the a fun drink. Are you ready for a new adventure? Come take a look at AEGEE! 

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Friends for life

The various club connections make it easy to make friends you can fall back on for the rest of you life


WIthout hazings and hierarchy, we are the most open student association of Enschede.


Zowel binnen Enschede als daarbuiten, in ons Europese netwerk, doe je ervaringen op die je nooit zult vergeten!

Curious? Have a look at these pictures!

During the Kick-In you will often see us at our pavilion, here you can always come by to ask questions. AEGEE also has a whole program during the Kick-In, you can find it here.

Also after the Kick-In there is time to get to know the association. This can be done during the HAIP, The After Intro Program. More information can be found on this page. You can register without obligation, so you stay informed about the activities to come and you can always visit the pub!

Nedertop weekend

From 9 to 11 June, the Nedertopweekend took place. This was a weekend away for members of all AEGEE locals...


On 16 and 17 June it was time again: The Enschedays! Pupils from 6 VWO and 5 Havo from all...

Spring Agora Enschede 2023

May 16th was the day: Spring Agora Enschede 2023! This was already the fifth Agora that took place in Enschede,...

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