EPM 2023

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From 15 to 19 February 2023, the European Planning Meeting (EPM) took place in Krakow. About 130 students from all over Europe attended, including six from Enschede! The EPM was a great opportunity to meet many new people.

But what exactly is an EPM?

AEGEE-Europe has two big events a year called Agorae, at which the status of AEGEE-Europe is discussed. This year, the Spring Agora will take place in Enschede in May!

At the Autumn Agora, which takes place around October, so-called Focus Areas for the Strategic Plan are chosen for which AEGEE-Europe wants to work. In order to further develop the Focus Areas into an Action Agenda, a European Planning Meeting will take place. An Action Agenda consists of concrete goals that AEGEE-Europe wants to live up to. Over several days and many sessions, draft versions of these goals are made for each Focus Area, after which the Comité Directeur (the board of AEGEE-Europe) finalises them and asks for feedback. The Action Agenda will be voted on at the Spring Agora.

In addition, at the EPM there was a brainstorming about Organisational Improvements within AEGEE-Europe, i.e. about the structure and how AEGEE-Europe tackles certain issues. There was also a thematic conference, where participants could listen to speakers of their choice who talked about the situation in Ukraine or personal LGBTQ+ experiences, among other things.

Besides the more serious sessions during the day, there was also a social programme in the evening. These included a Classy Night, where everyone went to the club dressed in their best, as well as a Heaven or Hell party. On the last evening, the European Night took place, a popular tradition within AEGEE-Europe. At a European Night, participants bring drinks and food that belong to their culture. So of course the Netherlands was there with gin, stroopwafels and liquorice!

All in all, the EPM was informative, useful and very enjoyable!