Are you ready for the Kick-In?

The Kick-In starts your student days at the University of Twente. In 10 days, you will see everything Enschede has to offer! This is, of course, the most fun with an AEGEE do-group. So take a quick look to see if we have a do-group for your study!

As the student association AEGEE, we organised an excellent program full of activities. Like every year, we hold the most giant pub quiz in Enschede, where you and your do-group can win great prizes! We also have a water fight, live shuffleboard, and several parties this year. In short, missing out is the only option



You always spend the Kick-In with your do-group consisting of 7 to 10 first-years of the same study. This provides 10 days of fun, and your do-group may stay together for the rest of your student days. AEGEE is happy to help you with our do-groups to make an unforgettable (student) time for you!

Eximiae Unitatis - Mechanical Engineering

Incognito - International Business Administration

Ethamenti - Advanced Technology

Mondumonium - BMT/TG

KADMOS - Psychology

De AEGEE Doegroep - Psychology

Horologium - Creative Technology

Exorbitant - Industrial Design


AEGEE-Enschede is the open student association of Enschede and that means no hazing! Like other associations, AEGEE has year clubs, fraternities and societies where you make friends for life. You can also develop yourself by doing committees or even a board year.
Of course, it doesn’t stop there. Every Tuesday and Thursday, members come to our bar, Sociëteit Asterion, on the ground floor of the Pakkerij. This is the ideal place to have drinks, parties and activities with members and friends!
AEGEE also allows you to discover the rest of the Netherlands and Europe! AEGEE does not stop in Enschede but can be found in nine other student cities in the Netherlands. In addition, there are 140 different European cities where you can find AEGEE too. This allows you to get to know other cultures quickly and cheaply!

Follow us!

In your first year, you will have the opportunity to form a year club. A year club consists of 5 to 15 members of the same AEGEE year. You come up with a name, logo and cheer by which you make yourself known. With this year club, you often eat together, participate in activities or organize a party yourself!

Within AEGEE-Enschede, we have six different fraternities/sororities, three men, two women and one mixed fraternity. These fraternities are each unique groups within the association that each year ask several members to become a member.
In contrast to AEGEE-Enschede, the fraternities of AEGEE-Enschede do have an introduction period.

To keep the association going, AEGEE has several committees filled by members. Some committees set up a great activity, such as the Dies or the Batavieren race committee. Some committees, such as the PromoTeam or the Computer Operating Team, perform supporting work.

Our student pub, Asterion, is located on the ground floor of the packhouse, where the foamy Grolsch will soon meet you. Members of AEGEE gather here every Tuesday and Thursday for each other’s company. Asterion is, therefore, the perfect place for activities or parties by and for us.

Members speak

"You don't have to adapt to AEGEE, AEGEE adapts to you!"

Industrial Design Engineering
"AEGEE-Enschede is diverse, open, and of course, very cosy! It is a place to be yourself and where everyone feels at home."
Technical medicine
"AEGEE is an association that is open to everyone and where you can develop yourself."

Embedded Systems

Want to stay informed about our Kick-In?​


You can become a member of AEGEE-Enschede by filling in the registration form. This is possible all year round at AEGEE, but it is, of course, the best if you participate all year round!

The membership fee is only €60 per year. For that, you can participate in all activities that AEGEE organizes, and you are always welcome at our pub Asterion for a drink!

There are always opportunities to get to know us during the Kick-In. Please contact our board by mail ( or WhatsApp!

At AEGEE, we are happy to help you on your way with your study. In your first year, it is important that you get your BSA! This means that you will earn 45 credits.

During the year, AEGEE takes into account the exam weeks and will not plan any activities during these periods. This allows you to focus on your studies alone or together with year-club members and then enjoy the final exam party!

At AEGEE, you can decide how active you become and how much time you put into it. After the Kick-In, we have an introductory period where you get to know many people if you participate. From October, you will start forming a yearclub so that you can get to know even more people and make a close group of friends.
In addition, you can work on committees with which you develop yourself and make the association more fun!

Why not! You can become a member of AEGEE from the age of 17; only then are you not allowed to drink alcohol in our pub.

A student association, and AEGEE-Enschede par excellence, offers enrichment during and outside your study time!
Besides making new and good friends, you can participate in many activities or come to the pub to relax. A student association can also provide you with your study buddy, and you can develop yourself through committee work in areas that your study does not give you!