HAIP – The After Introduction Programme

After the Kick-In AEGEE is not done yet! We continue with the HAIP, the (“het” in Dutch) After Intro Programme. The HAIP is the best way to get to know AEGEE. During the HAIP you get to know the association and its members through four weeks of activities on every Tuesday and Thursday.

AEGEE does not believe in hazing, in place of that we have those two weeks of the HAIP. During the HAIP nothing is compulsory, you’re free to go to any activity you like, or go do something else. Through these fun activities you get to know the older members, our disputen, yearclubs, committees, the board and the pub board. Mostly, however, you get to know the other participants of the HAIP, your year’s cohort!

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Tuesday - Thursday 03 - 26 September 2024


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