After the master Kick-In AEGEE is not done yet! We continue with the HAIP, the (“het” in Dutch) After Intro Programme. The HAIP is the best way to get to know AEGEE. During the HAIP you get to know the association and its members through two weeks of activities on every Tuesday and Thursday.

AEGEE does not believe in hazing, in place of that we have those two weeks of the HAIP. During the HAIP nothing is compulsory, you’re free to go to any activity you like, or go do something else. Through these fun activities you get to know the older members, our disputen, year clubs, committees, the board and the bar board. Mostly, however, you get to know the other participants of the HAIP, your year’s cohort!

This year’s theme of the HAIP is: Oops, HAIP did it again! We will (again) succeed in creating the best start of your student life in Enschede!


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AEGEE-Enschede is the open student association in Enschede. We don’t haze our new members, and you can become a member at any point of the year. At our year clubs, disputen and societies you can find friends for life. Personal growth is als very important to us at AEGEE-Enschede. During your time you can develop yourself through committees, or even a board year. Every tuesday and thursday members come to our pub Asterion, at the ground floor of the pakkerij, to have a drink together. If you’re interested in a new adventure, feel free to come take a look at our association!

In your first year you have the chance to form a year club. A year club tends to consist of 5 to 15 members of the same year cohort. You come up with a name, logo, cheers and form your own identity within the association. With your year club you eat together, join activities or organize them yourself.

Within AEGEE-Enschede we have six different disputen. These are vertical ties of groups of members who form a club together and take in new members every year. Five of our disputen are gender-divided, one is mixed. AEGEE-Enschede does not haze to become a member, disputen do have a compulsory introduction time.

AEGEE-Enschede has many different committees who keep the association running. These are excellent opportunities for self-development. We have committees that organize great activities like the Dies (latin for birthday) committee, the Batavieren Race Committee. We also have committees that do more supportive work, such as the Computer Operating Team and our Promo Team.

On the ground floor of the Pakkerij you can find our pub where our lovely golden yellow Grolsch beer streams elegantly our of our pipes. Here the members of AEGEE-Enschede come together on tuesdays and thursdays, to enjoy each other’s company. also, here many legendary parties are organized by and for the members of AEGEE.

Interested in joining the haip?

Your interest will be shared with the HAIP committee. They will put you on the mailing list. You will receive more information about the current standing of the HAIP. Signing up for the HAIP when it has already begun is no problem.

No strings attatched, you can join whenever you are want!


To become a member at AEGEE-Enschede you can fill in our registration form. You can register throughout the entire year! During the HAIP you can see if AEGEE suits you, before you decide to sign up.

No! At AEGEE you’re free to sign up during the entire year. However, the year club track starts after the HAIP, so this is the best time to become a member. If you sign up after the year club track starts, you can join the year club track in the upcoming year.

No, AEGEE-Enschede is an open student association, which means we do not haze, and you can join at any point during the year. After the Kick-In you can get to know the assocation through the HAIP!

At AEGEE you pay a yearly contribution of €60. But because you become a member in the middle of the year it will cost you less.

Of course! From 17 years of age you can join AEGEE. However, you will not be allowed to consume alcohol at our pub Asterion.

At AEGEE-Enschede we think that your studies should be your first priority. Part of an amazing student time should also be good grades during your exam weeks. During exam weeks you’ll find AEGEE members all over campus to study together. After every exam week we organize an after-exam party to celebrate your good grades or to forget your sorrows.

At AEGEE you can choose how active you become and how much time you invest. After the HAIP you can join a year club or join a dispuut. You can also join one of our many committees to be active next to your studies.

At AEGEE we’re all for making the first year of your study programme, studies come first. During the year AEGEE makes way for exam periods so that you can focus on your studies. You’re more than welcome at our after-exam party afterwards.

Bij AEGEE helpen we je graag op weg met je studie. In je eerste jaar is het belangrijk dat je je BSA haalt! Dit betekent dat je 45 studiepunten binnensleept. 

Gedurende het jaar houdt AEGEE rekening met de tentamenweken en zal geen activiteiten in deze periodes plannen. Hierdoor kun je je helemaal focussen op je studie, om daarna te genieten van het natentamenfeest!

A study association is tied to your study programme, and has to do with study-related activities. Here you only meet people from your own study programme. At a student assocation mostly focuses on activities outside your study bubble, members of all different study programmes are welcome.

Yes! AEGEE has its own pub in the Pakkerij, called Asterion. This place in the center of the Enschede is our central gathering place.

The Pakkerij is the student building smack-dab in the city center, on the Old market. In the Pakkerij the four largest student assocations take their residence with their pubs and offices.

A student association offers many opportunities next to your study programme. You come into contact with people from all different study directions, experience the most awesome activities and make friends for life!

If you become a member now, you’ll be the first to join the party whenever things open up again. Besides you can also enjoy all the activities that will be organised during the corona times. For example, the Dies Natalis (association’s birthday) is coming up still with great activities as ever.

Sure you can! In September you will get the chance to form a year club with the then new members. There will be enough activities to get to know everyone before you form a yearclub with them.