AEGEE-Enschede is a student association, which means that we are an association for students of all kinds of studies, backgrounds and origins. Everyone who studies is welcome. And at AEGEE, the open student association of Enschede, this really means welcome. So you have nothing to prove, we have no mandatory introduction of hierarchy. At AEGEE-Enschede we believe in good friendship, based on positive experiences. These experiences varied from sailing days to parties, from ski trips to interesting lectures and from galas to cantuses. In short: something for everyone!


With all these activities you build close friendships. These friendships continue in the many associations we have. We have six fraternities that, in addition to the pub nights and activities, have formed such a bond that they still meet each other on a weekly basis years later. We have year clubs that eat together every Tuesday before pub night and organize holidays together. We have residences, or houses in which members of AEGEE-Enschede live together. And we also have societies that share a passion or love with each other and want to share that with the association. Think of a Gin-tonic society or a Marvel society..

    We also have room to develop in areas that do not come up during your studies. For example, you can learn how to organize a party, you can organize the introduction period, but you can also learn how to program, graphically design and work in a team with people from other studies. For example, you can learn to preside, draw up a budget or scenario and speak in front of groups.