Within AEGEE-Enschede, you can experience countless adventures, with something for everyone! From themed parties at the pub, where you can wear your best outfit, to exciting activities like water skiing. Looking for more beyond Enschede? Or interested in meeting more people from Europe? We have a large network of 160 sister associations, where you can get to know people and cultures from all over Europe! There, you can have unique experiences that you won’t easily find in Enschede. 

You can find the upcoming activities here. For more information about our European network, you can visit this page. Below is a section of activities organized by the association:


Want to have diner with your yearclub, but nobody is in the mood for cooking? No problem! About once per module, the board arranges pub dinners. In the past, the cooking committee prepared meals, but nowadays, pok’e bowls or other catering options are often provided. You don’t want to miss these culinary delights!

King’s Day boat trip

A recurring activity is boating on King’s Day. With the association, we travel to Utrecht, where we sail through the canals. This is one of the favorite activities that you definitely don’t want to miss!


How can a General Assembly that lasts a whole week be fun? Join us for Agora and find out! You’ll experience a week where serious matters about the progress and future of AEGEE throughout Europe are discussed during the day, but the most fun parties are organized in the evenings. Not only will you learn a lot about the structure of the network and how discussions are conducted, but you’ll also meet many new people and cultures. 


Around December 5th, Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) visits the pub to host a fantastic cantus. The Sintercantus is a singing and drinking festivity where Sinterklaas and his helpers maintain order in the pub and guide us with their favorite songs. You definitely don’t want to miss this cantus.

Summer University

An amazing vacation with people you don’t know, in a city you don’t know. Local students, members of an AEGEE association in another European city, will show you around. They’ll introduce you to their culture, their hometown, and the activities you can do in the area. In just two weeks, you’ll have 25 new friends, know a new city and have enjoyed an incredible vacation. 

Work actions

Every year, AEGEE-Enschede participates in various festivals, such as Zwarte Cross and Hardfest, completely free of charge. All we have to do is serve drinks at the festival. This way, we get a free festival experience and raise money for the association!

Wine Drink

At this event, our usually consumed golden-yellow barley juice is replaced by another drink: wine. A wine expert will tell us about wines from a specific country or region and try to teach us the art of wine tasting. 


Once a year, we travel to our sister association in Leiden to enjoy drinks on the canals of the beautiful city. On the boat, you’ll naturally get to know the members of AEGEE-Leiden, and then together, we’ll have a great party.